Nano Assembler

Universal Constructor or UC is a complex machine that is capable of constructing both microscopic and macroscopic objects. Universal Constructors rearrange substances on the molecular and atomic level, and can essentially create any physical object in this way, including biological organisms.


Since the emergence of nanotechnology, atoms could be manipulated on an individual basis. However this made it impractical at best to create usable, reasonably sized structures as atom-by-atom manipulation is very time consuming. A machine was proposed that would be able to combine millions of atoms at once into complex structures. This device, referred to as a Universal Constructor, would significantly speed up the process of manipulating atoms and molecules.

Iotec and Veillon Enterprises worked on such an invention for years, having top of the range scientists make this a reality. The team, led by Robert Erkenstein, successfully created a Universal Constructor after years of research and testing. Because of its vital importance and abilities, it is currently kept as a secret to Valturus and the original research is kept classified to the highest levels of Iotec, Veillon Enterprises and Valturus as a whole. Sprawling Universal Constructor factories currently exist across Valturus, allowing for the construction of any item in quick and easy time. Even still, smaller Universal Constructors - further developed by Veillon Enterprises, are used in many households across the nation.


Universal Constructors appear to be extremely complicated machines judging by the amount of work it takes to create one. The exact structure and functionality of the machine is not known but various components of UCs are mentioned. The UCs' reaction modules seem to be a critical aspect of the machine as Lucius Veillon revealed during a private interview.

Another vital component of every Universal Constructor is its containment unit. The schematic for this component, titled “molecular assembly”, implies it is where the raw materials are fed into and modified. There are multiple devices within the containment unit that sort and separate out the “molecular feedstock”. These include the Ioffe trap, the electrically charged solenoids, and the sorting rotor cascade.


Universal Constructors are extremely important because of their ability to produce objects on a mass scale in record time and without any reduce, for any extremely cheap power cost. The massive Construction Factories that exist around the country constantly produce much needed objects with almost no material or energy cost due to this.

Universal Constructors are also deployed in combat zones, as they can quickly create weapons, ammunition and other various objects needed for defensive, offensive or miscellaneous operations. This was what led to Lucius Veillon's statement on their vital importance as a technological feat for Valturus, as their abilities are almost unmatched by other projects and technologies of similar designs.


  • The energy required to run a UC, or at least its containment unit, appears to be very small. According to the schematic of the containment unit, it needs only 10 keV of energy to run. This energy is about 50 times smaller than the mass-energy of a single electron.
  • A Universal Constructor can make anything that has a valid template that can either be downloaded or directly shown to it, even down to basic food items such as bread. This is due to the nanites inside of it being able to directly create anything to an atomic level.
  • Lucius Veillon considers the Universal Constructor to be one of the most important technological feats in this millennia.

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