Anthony 'Dane' Grisanch Edit

Anthony 'Dane' Grisanch
Anthony 'Dane'
Latest photo of Anthony 'Dane' Grisanch
Vital statistics
Position Crime Boss
Age 43
Status Alive
Nationality Valturusian
Sexuality Hetrosexual
Wealth Twelve Sextillion Valds
Anthony 'Dane' Grisanch is a criminal syndicate boss who became wanted and famous as a result of the Tevohaken massacre. Anthony 'Dane' Grisanch created the company of Grisanch maintenance to forefront his criminal empire.

Born in a poorer area of Valfield, Anthony became a member of his fathers small gang. During this period, Anthony acted as a guard to make sure high end deals, such as; drug, weapon and slave deals went down safely and made sure that the amount needed would be paid by either party. Anthony made eighteen thousand Valds in savings during this period, and used it to disappear to the city of Tevohaken.

Anthony, using the connections he made as a guard, started a small criminal ring that dealt drugs and set up assassinations of enemy gangs.

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